Taiwanese Oolong Tea


From the Pingling Gardens in Taiwan, this fine lightly fermented Oolong is characterized by long, thin leaves. After a very short fermentation it is wrapped in cotton fabric and dried by roasting. A comforting tea with a crisp, golden infusion and fresh green taste. Appropriate for drinking as a storm dies away.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $18.00 for 1.75 oz

A celebrated, very flowery, very slightly fermented tea, squeezed when moist into little irregular oval shapes by a special pressing technique. In ancient times the feet were used. We import the tea directly from the slopes of the Tung Ting Mountains. Suitable for drinking during contemplation as the shadows grow longer.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $20.00 for 1.75 oz

Jin Shuan milk oolong

Our latest offer of Taiwanese Oolongs, this high mountain oolong was first discovered on the Dobra Tea travels in Spring 2005. In the high mountain tea gardens, weather conditions offer plenty of fog and lower temperatures, which are ideal for producing the best oolong tea. The gardens are situated between 1000 and 2300 meters in attitude. Ali Shan oolong offers a sweet fragrance with overtones of flowers and fresh tropical fruit. Enjoy it as the sun is just peaking through the mountains on a fine summers morning.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $25.00 for 1.75 oz

High mountain milk oolong

This particular milk oolong is harvested at an altitude of 4500 meters in the Nantou county area. The buttery notes are a wonderful complement to the high mountain floral qualities of this stellar tea.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $25.00 for 1.75 oz

Pear mountain

From the second highest tea mountain in central Taiwan, Taichung County, Li Shan Oolong has earned its way on the tea market for connoisseurs who appreciate quality and high mountain flavor. Of the ching tsing tea cultivar, Li Shan is harvested at 1600-2600 meters and offers a smooth, fragrant infusion with notes of tropical fruit. Prized for its fresh floral aroma and taste, Li Shan tea delivers a pronounced flavor of Pear and is only harvested in spring and fall months.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $25.00 for 1.75 oz

White Hair

Pai Hao is a darker oolong, and typical of this type, sweet and nicely rounded. A Taiwanese original, it is the superior class of semi-fermented Fujian type tea, with a higher degree of fermentation and a great abundance of white tips. Suitable for drinking while remembering the beauty of the East.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $20.00 for 1.75 oz

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