Fortell Lantern Tea Pots prepare the finest Special-Teas

In addition to our classic teas, Dobrá Tea also offers some of its own blends and recipes. The following teas are our signature favorites, learning the ways of preparations throughout our travels to the tea lands.

Be sure to try our authentic Indian Chai tea, a rich infusion of Assam tea sweetened with organic sugar and local milk. The taste is sure to bring you back to the streets and train stations of India Moroccan Touareg is an authentic recipe based on the North African Touareg tribe, who sip very sweetened mint tea in the hot dessert climates to cool down.

The majority of our special-teas are also available caffeine free


Our special recipe - black Assam leaf tea mixed with bitter chocolate. A favorite among our American visitors in the Czech Republic. The infusion has a seductive sweet aroma. Served with warm milk, honey, and Bohemian spicy nuggets.

$5.25     Regular or caffeine-free


Memories of India. A black Indian Assam tea simmered in milk and strongly sweetened, prepared in the traditional way. It is served in a 6.4 ounce glass with an uninterrupted shout of "chai, chai, chai" - just as it is served in India. A good tea for reminiscing about glorious journeys. This tea may takes 10 to 12 minutes to prepare.

$3.00     Regular or caffeine-free


A ritual based on an Indian recipe. Tea with a mixture of spices - ground ginger, cardamom, white pepper, anise and cloves. Served with warm milk and honey. The infusion has a strong fragrant aroma and slightly intoxicating effects.

$5.25     Regular or caffeine-free                  Loose Leaf $9.00 / 4 oz box


A drink with an aroma that elates, and summons up the seductive distances of the East. A blend of green and oolong teas with dried apples, orange peel and cloves. A yellow-green infusion, with a penetrating clove aroma and slightly bitter flavor with fruity aftertaste. Served with warm milk and honey.

$5.25                  Loose Leaf $9.00 / 3.5 oz box


Named for the nomadic tribe of Northern Africa, a sweetened green leaf tea mixed with the ground Moroccan "Nana" mint. A Moroccan recipe, this yellow-green infusion and strongly minty aroma is sweet, hot and refreshing, and is traditionally drunk to keep cool in the sweltering heat of the Marakesh markets.

$5.50                  Loose Leaf $9.00 / 3.5 oz box


Chinese Zhu Cha green and Qi Men black in one cup; a Dobrá Tea recipe. Boston Tea Party offers a sweet and astringent flavor. Inspired by the fateful events of December 16, 1773 and suitable for celebrating any significant anniversary.



A black Indian tea, spiced with ground cinnamon according to a traditional Hassidic recipe from Eastern Europe. The combination of cinnamon with the strong black tea produces a mildly uplifting, calming drink.


Tea for Two

Intoxicating black tea with the scent of roses, created in memory of the Italian adventurer, who spent the last 15 years of his life in northern Bohemia. The infusion has the sweet, flowery taste of a beautiful rose. Feel free to enjoy for one as well.


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