Oolong Tea

Fresh Anxi Ti Kuan Yin Oolong in Fujian, China

Fresh Anxi Ti Kuan Yin Oolong in Fujian, China

Oolong tea is semi-oxidized. The processing of Oolong tea ranges from 15%-70% oxidation. Fresh leaves may be roasted over an open fire, tumble dried in a drum layer to bring out floral qualities or baked in bamboo baskets to offer a more toasted and sweet flavor.

Oolong is the most popular type of teas served in typical Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants. It has a milkier taste compared to green tea, though not as rich as most black teas. Oolongs are known for their floral, sweet aromas and traditionally served gong fu style. This allows tasters to prepare a generous amount of leaves in a small amount of water to taste the strengths of the tea. Oolongs are best prepared in Yixing, purple sand clay teapots from China or in a fine porcelain gaiwan.

The most famous Oolong teas are cultivated in Fujian, China or in the high mountains in Taiwan in moist, tropical temperatures.

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