Japanese Green Tea

Matcha is a first class type of powdered, extra-fine ground tea and is used for what is known as the Japanese tea ceremony during which the tea is whisked with a bamboo rod called a chasen, in an original bowl called a chawan. Quality Matcha is always a pea-green, extra-fine powder with a distinctive, grassy aroma. The foamy infusion is fresh and deep green with an unforgettable, very intense taste. We recommend that it be enjoyed after dessert or a Japanese sweet, but never on an empty stomach. As we would be embarrassed to see customers bow during service, we do not perform the full tea ceremony.

$5.00                  $25.00 per tin

Thin-style matcha. Supreme grade

$7.00                  $45.00 per tin

An excellent, very distinguished Japanese green tea. Its delicious taste and fresh grassy scent of spring offer a touch of heaven in your cup. This tea is one of the most valued products of the Nippon islands. It is picked by hand in specially shaded fields and guarantees a rare experience, enhanced by an original method of preparation. Dark green, flat, subtle leaves of uniform size give a fresh aroma and a gourmet taste. Gyokuro tea is much prized for the characteristically strong taste that is especially pronounced when it is carefully brewed in miniature infusion bowls. It is usual to make three infusions from the same leaves, allowing the superior quality of this tea to be fully enjoyed.

$9.00                  $7.00                  Loose Leaf $22.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

From the mystical tea lands in Uji, this Certified Organic tea is hand processed in small batches during the spring and summer months. Weeding of the tea bushes and composting is all done by hand in Mr. Nagatani's tea garden. He has chosen to use fish cakes as a method of composting. This gives this shade grown variety an unseen, deep fishy flavor, thick and oceanic!

$9.00                  $7.00                  Loose Leaf $26.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

This tea is produced in the Kyushu Island area. It is a first class type of green tea, and is appropriate for festive occasions. A tiny, dark green leaf, evenly rolled makes a light green infusion. Its cup results in a rich brew, traditional, delicate grassy flavor but with a bread-like sustenance and fullness, even after several brews.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $20.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

This type of Japanese green tea is currently the most typical tea on the Japanese market. It requires painstaking processing to obtain dark green, flat leaves of uniform size, with a fresh, grassy aroma and a delicate taste. It also gives many crisp infusions with a distinctly cleansing feeling and is a good tea for a quiet get-together with close friends.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $20.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

High mountain grown sencha

The latest addition to our tea offer! Recently discovered on our Spring tea travels to Japan in May 2009. This high mountain grown sencha tea is cultivated in the region of Hamamatzou. Nearby are waterfalls, hot springs, and lush gardens and tea farmers, processing tea in the most old fashioned manner. Yamacha offers a fine, smooth taste with more sparkle to the classic taste of Sencha.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $22.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

Covered tea

A local delight from the tea town of Uji. This tea is shade-grown for no more than 2 weeks, giving it a balance of sweet and richness in the middle of Sencha and Gyokuro style teas. This tea is loaded with chlorophyll, vitamin C and umami.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $28.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

Pan-fired green tea

Recently discovered on our travels to the southern island of Kyushu. Kamairicha offers a unique taste, standing out from other traditional Japanese green teas. The leaves are gently pan-fired to promote nutty tasting notes, similar to Chinese green teas. This method of production was brought to Japan from China, and is the original technique used to produce green tea.

$7.25                  $5.50                  Loose Leaf $20.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

Stem tea

A tea made from leaves and stalks. This type of tea is often a by-product of Hojicha, but our variety is made from the same bushes and leaves used for Gyokuro, giving its earthy flavor the finesse and freshness of Gyokuro. Light green leafstalks yield a full but delicate grassy aroma. It gives a rich brew even after several infusions, and causes a notable lift.

$6.50                  $5.00                  Loose Leaf $15.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

A unique Japanese delicacy, this is a green tea mixed with roasted rice. The combination gives it a seductive aroma and unusual taste, reminiscent of pine and grains. In translation the name means "unpolished rice." Suitable as an after lunch drink, when you need to warm up or even for lunch.

$5.50                  $4.75                  Loose Leaf $16.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

Toasted rice tea

The latest twist on the famous roasted rice tea! This thick and roasted infusion offers the same full flavor of genmaicha with a boost of energy and vibrancy of green.

$6.50                  $5.00                  Loose Leaf $16.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

Roasted twig tea

A delicate tea of roasted leaves and stalks, which give a taste and aroma unlike that of any other Japanese teas. The name means "lightly roasted tea." The infusion is brownish, the aroma reminiscent of freshly baked bread, roasted grains or chestnuts. It is recommended as a particularly good drink after a substantial meal. It gives a rich, warming brew even after several infusions.

$6.50                  $5.00                  Loose Leaf $15.00 per ounce / 2.5 oz packet

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