Green Tea

A humble tea potter in Uji, Japan

A humble tea potter in Uji, Japan

Green Teas are un-oxidized. Chinese Green teas are gently pan fried in a heated wok to stop the oxidation process. The pan frying helps with the shaping of the leaves, as they twist and curl, the leaves eventually dry during this process and are ready for tasting. Many Chinese greens are sweet, nutty and have suttle tastes and aromas. Flavors and appearance of the leaves are quite different based on which province in China the tea is cultivated.

Japanese Green Teas are quickly steamed after plucking to stop their oxidation. This gives the tea a delightful, grassy and oceanic flavor with a vibrant green color of the infusion.

Korean and Vietnamese Green teas are quickly steamed, then gently pan fried to bring characteristics in taste of both Chinese and Japanese teas.

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