Chinese White Tea

White Peony

We offer you the highest quality Bai Mu Dan, a beloved White tea which gives several infusions. A sparkling, yellowish infusion with a fine, flowery aroma and sweetish taste. An excellent tea for purifying mind and body. These flat, light green leaves with brownish edges have an abundance of silver, downy tips from the ends of the shoots.

$5.50                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $6.00 per ounce

Silver Needles

Yin Zhen is a classic and famous white tea from Fujian Province. It consists of tips only. Only the freshest and best shaped buds of early spring are used, which gives it its particular rarity and intrigue. We are proud to offer a Silver Needle with beautiful, silvery white buds of uniform, full leaf quality. Its flavor is very subtle, but velvety and earthy with only the slightest hint of smoke and flowers. Delicious and suitable for grounding down, or just relaxing into the moment.

$5.50                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $9.00 per ounce

Wild tree grown

In the wild jungles of northern Thailand, assamica tea plants grow naturally amongst other wild vegetation. The farmers from the mountainous tribal villages carefully harvest these large tea leaves. The taste of the infusion is lightly sweet, fruity and notes of wood.

$5.50                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $12.00 per ounce

Wild tree buds from Yunan

A varietal of camellia that sprouts from the small twigs of wild tea trees grown in western Yunan. The large pinecone shaped buds are picked in late March and sun-dried. Ya bao is distinguished by a sweet and fresh flavor compared to honeysuckle flowers.

$5.50                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $7.50 per ounce

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