Chinese Oolong Tea

The Iron Goddess of Mercy

Named for the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, Guan Yin, this favorite Chinese oolong has an unforgettable flavor, like dewy flowers in Spring. Its aroma is often likened to the scent of mandarin orchards in full bloom. The best grade of the highest category of semi-fermented teas, and a celebrated product of the southern part of Fujian A good tea for drinking before undertaking a solitary mountain ascension, or to lift the spirit. A dark green-blue to green-brown leaf, pressed into a ball shape opens slowly, giving infusion after infusion of varying flavors.

$5.25                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $6.00 per ounce

Phoenix Bird

This dark oolong, grown amongst fruit trees, has a mysteriously sweet, fruity flavor comparable to grapefruit or apricot, though it is not a flavored tea. It was a top find on a more recent trip to China and is grown only in the Northeast Guandong Province, in the valleys below the Phoenix Bird Mountain, Mt. Feng Huang. From the variety of Dan Cong teas, we chose this "Mi" (honey) "Lan" (orchid) variety.

$5.25                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $6.50 per ounce

Big Red Robe Tea

We are proud to offer this new addition- a dark, roasty, honeyed Oolong from the steep Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian Province. It is said that the flavor lingers on the pallet long after finishing the last drop. This tea captivated our imagination and our intrigue immediately by way of its flavor, production, ageing and taste. The Wuyi Mountains, renowned also for their snakes and diverse geology, are also famous for their dark oolongs. More fermented than green tea or light Oolong, but less than black teas, dark oolongs offers a smooth cup, richer than green tea, but without the malty quality of black tea. The legend of Da Hong Pao tells us that hundreds f years ago, a very ill nobleman was wandering lost through the Wuyi Mountains when he came upon a village. They fed him a brew made from the leaves of a special tree. He regained his health and hearty strength and was so impressed by the power of the tree and its healing properties that he took off his brilliant red robe and hung it on the tree to indicate to passerby its power. They say that same tree still stands and all Da Hong Pao tea bushes are distant brothers and sisters of the original tree.

$5.25                  $4.25                  Loose Leaf $6.50 per ounce

Narcissus Flowers

This cheering drink has a distinctive, warming aroma and a gourmet taste that leaves a slightly nutty sweetness in the mouth. A higher grade of Oolong tea, processed from a variety of the same name in South China. A good tea for drinking when one is interrupted while contemplating. Relatively solid, dark green-brown leaves twisted into s-shapes. The name also means "water nymph."

$4.75                  $4.00                  Loose Leaf $12.00 / 4 oz tin

Black Dragon

A bittersweet taste with a roasty flavor likened to rye bread, this is a classic oolong tea from the Fujian province, famous for its celebrated types of semi-fermented teas. Dark green-brown leaves of various sizes, twisted into s-shapes yield a tea with a filling quality, and is therefore a pleasant compliment to a snack.

$3.50                  Loose Leaf $10.00 / 4 oz box

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