Chinese Green Tea

Remembering the Tea King

A remarkable, fresh green China tea produced in the famous tea province of Yunnan. No other tea is comparable to this sparkling, pale green infusion which offers unique and inimitable delights of taste and aroma. It is cultivated at high altitude, with long, silver, downy-tipped leaves firmly rolled lengthwise. This tea promotes health, and has a mild, euphoric effect.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $7.00 per ounce

Downy Tips from the Yellow Mountains

Chinese green tea from the Province of Anhui. Representative of tea production in these exquisite mountains, this green tea has a mild, pleasing flavor. Drink when one wishes to be inconspicuous. One of the five most famous of Chinese teas available on our menu at Dobrá Tea. (the others follow).

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $7.00 per ounce


A flat, firm leaf, light to sage green in color, is the mark of a quality Long Jing. This classic green tea has a super-fine taste, slightly nutty tones and classic, green aroma even after several infusions. This famous tea from the Chinese province of Zhejiang is named after the Tiger Spring, the source of the best water for its infusions, and became the object of a tea pilgrimage in the Tiyun Mountains. Long Jing "Tiger Spring" is exclusively hand processed in large metal bowls. The spring harvest from March to April produces a tea of extraordinary excellence. Connoisseurs regard this tea as one of the very finest green China teas. We were shocked to see that around the Tiger Spring the Chinese drink it from empty instant coffee glass jars! A small amount of leaves is thrown in the jar and hot water is added throughout the day. The tea is suitable for business meetings or conversations with close friends.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $7.00 per ounce

Blue-Green Spirals of Spring from Tai Lake

This genuine tea original is produced by hand in very small quantities in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. Jiangsu is on the gentle slopes of Dong Shan, which lie on the peninsula engulfed by Lake Tai. These tea bushes grow amongst peach, apricot and plum trees. The trees bloom at the time of the tea harvest, giving the tea its special taste. The minuscule leaves are dark green to silver in color, shaped like tiny rolled spirals. The infusion is transparent green, with a fresh, mildly herbal taste that is slightly astringent.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $6.50 per ounce

Watermelon seeds

Liu'An Guapian has an unusually fresh, grassy taste. Its leaf quality is equally unusual: deep green, very flat, large leaves from the Dabie Mountains of western Anhui. Liu'An Guapian appealed to us, however, because of its truly refreshing quality and so earned its place on our menu as another ambassador from the Middle Kingdom. A thirst quencher!

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $6.00 per ounce

The Buddha's Tea from the Island of Putuo

A very special, small harvest, Putuo Fo Cha is a light, flowery green tea. The two-and-a-half thousand year old tradition of cultivating gourmet tea on the Putuo island guarantees that this particular tea, grown in the gardens of the Buddhist monastery and processed only by hand, will always be of superior quality.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $14.00 per box

Five Mountains and Two Pools

This distinguished green tea is found in China's Anhui Province, in a region known as "5 Mountains and 2 Pools." We are proud to offer this unique and different green tea to our customers. Its leaves are small and uniform, distinguished by silvery tips. Both its aroma and flavor are surprisingly rich for a green tea, almost closer in feel to a blue-green oolong - it's smooth, almost creamy texture woven with its delicious flowered, vegetal taste make it a truly pleasant and beloved tea.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $6.50 per ounce

Dragon Eyes

Pearls of the Dragon from the Tian Mu Mountains is an extra-fine, high quality green tea made from selected fresh tea tips, with a flowery taste, the aroma of a mountain breeze, and above all, a unique appearance. A smooth sweetness covers the mouth and lifts one's mood. The tea is hand-processed by Chinese tea pickers into little balls resembling pearls, which unfold charmingly in the cup after infusion.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $7.50 per ounce

Dragon Pearls

Hand rolled green tea from the province of Yunnan in southern China. This tea offers a smooth, slightly smokey infusion on the first attempt. After the leaves are soft and unfold, similar qualities of green, uncooked pu-er tea arise! Suitable for an afternoon when the sidewalks outside are frozen.

$5.50                  $4.50                  Loose Leaf $5.00 per ounce

Pearl Tea

Commonly known outside of China as Gunpowder, Zhu Cha has a slightly astringent, mildly smoky aroma and flavor, a taste it acquires while being dried in metal pans that are shaken with a circular motion over a fire. It is a tea for everyday drinking and a suitable complement to food. It is typically processed into small, tightly rolled balls.

$3.50                  Loose Leaf $5.00 per ounce

Green Tea with osmanthus blossoms

A traditional Chinese recipe. Green tea from Anhui province scented with tiny osmanthus flowers from the cinnamon tree. The intoxicating, almost citrus scent from repeated infusions has been an inspiration to Chinese poets over the centuries.

"...How commonplace beside them are plum blossoms and how heavy seem the clusters of the lilac. The intoxicating scent soothes my longing for a faraway land..." Li Ching Chao

$4.25                  $3.50                  Loose Leaf $4.25 per ounce

Little Bird Tongue

Green Tea scented with jasmine flowers. A superior jasmine tea, produced through seven successive cycles of blending in and removing Jasmine flowers. It is especially suitable for drinking with close companions. The small, dark green, flat leaves are uniformly rolled, and hold a pervasive jasmine aroma, a distinctive lingering taste and a mildly euphoric effect.

$4.25                  $3.50                  Loose Leaf $4.25 per ounce

Green Tea Anemone

Green tea leaves hand tied or sewn together to make a flower-shaped pod. As it opens in the glass, it resembles the movements of a sea anemone. With a light, classic green tea flavor, this Chinese tradition of tea is served in a glass pot for optimum viewing.

$4.25                  Loose Leaf $2.00 each

Black Tea Anemone

Made and served the same way as Lu Mu Dan, but in a black tea variety. A mild, slightly sweet black tea that will give a second infusion.

$4.25                  Loose Leaf $2.00 per ounce

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