Chinese Black Tea

Yunnan Black

This aromatic black tea from the southwestern province of Yunnan, Dian Hong features fine, evenly-rolled mahogany-colored leaves with an abundance of orange-gold tips. Crimson infusions bow with a layered fragrance and subtly tart and spicy flavors, malty and faintly reminiscent of citrus. Its strong character and lively flavor make it a good tea for starting a busy day, or having an interesting conversation. Bold and brassy.

$4.25                  Loose Leaf $6.00 per ounce

Keemun Downy Tips

To complete our selection of green Mao Feng (hairy tip) teas, we are now offering our honorable customers the pleasure of a black Mao Feng. Qimen, "Great Gate," refers to the town and district of the same name in the Anhui province, where it is cultivated near the Yangtse River and served in town as a welcome for dignitaries. Only the young hairy buds of the tea plant are used, turning sienna-colored and wiry when processed and strong enough for two infusions. The vermillion waters bring a contemplative taste, recalling semi-sweet chocolate and roasted chestnuts. Drink this as dessert tea after a good meal or allow the smooth aroma to awaken the mind at breakfast. As tips are rarely used in fermented teas, we suggest serving this jewel loose-leaf in a pot, so that its renowned leaf-quality may be seen.

$5.50                  Loose Leaf $6.50 per ounce

Golden Tipped Black Tea

Super Fine Mao Feng tips from the province of Yunnan. Hong Cha; known as red tea in China is slowly making its appearance back on the tea market since the 2007 Pu-er Cha explosion. The delicate orange tips offer a rich sweet taste with hints of chocolate and deep forest aromas. We serve this tea in a gaiwan only, with a pot of hot water to allow for many further infusions.

$5.50                  Loose Leaf $5.00 per ounce

[djeng shan shi-ao djong]
Lapsang Souchong, Smoky Tea

Literally: The Straight Mountain Small Variety. This highly esteemed Chinese tea is processed over a fire of pine logs, giving it its unrivaled smoky aroma and taste. It is a good tea to drink by the fireplace while puffing on a pipe, or on especially dark rainy days. The solid, black-brown leaves brew cups of pensive essences, like welcoming hearth-fires imparting a thermal inner calm.

$4.25                  Loose Leaf $4.00 per ounce

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